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  1. …in reply to @kramizr
    @kramizr no and i wish i didn't
  2. @playdate @panic - are there any updates on network access for games on the playdate?
  3. …in reply to @KhanStopMe
    @KhanStopMe jet lag is a vlog but def not normal life
  4. …in reply to @FilippoFonseca
    @FilippoFonseca i read that as "sell your friends and network" rip
  5. …in reply to @WatchNebula
    @WatchNebula is jet lag the most popular show on nebula?
  6. …in reply to @flyerswitch
  7. …in reply to @transitapp
    @transitapp yep - i'm on 5.13.0
  8. …in reply to @WatchNebula
    @WatchNebula i never have to think about it ever again - i just, have it. esp when as a high schooler, i get lump sums for my birthday, etc - so having lifetime is *great*
  9. …in reply to @transitapp
    @transitapp i used GO today, it didn't show up for me - i was really excited hmm
  10. …in reply to @kramizr
    @kramizr why can't you make it? nooo
  11. …in reply to @sarthaktexas
    @sarthaktexas what did you tweet
  12. …in reply to @saviomartin7
  13. …in reply to @flyerswitch
  14. …in reply to @WatchNebula
    @WatchNebula or just watch it during work :P
  15. …in reply to @HackClubBank
  16. …in reply to @a_keyes
    @a_keyes @adamhchase (Hat with wig) *Optional killed me
  17. …in reply to @dwiskus
    @dwiskus its entirely jet lag XD
  18. Check out this cool thing i've been working on called AdminJS!
  19. …in reply to @parafactual
    @parafactual the beret has been accepted by the international community
  20. …in reply to @dummdidumm_
    @dummdidumm_ @Rich_Harris Vercel now projects that Svelte wins the race for election graphics, delivering a huge win for compilers.
  21. …in reply to @parafactual
    @parafactual actually a parafactual mailing list could be kinda fun lmao
  22. …in reply to @usrbinishan
    @usrbinishan @parafactual its this rly cool group of technical teenagers, - i think you would like it!
  23. …in reply to @parafactual
    @parafactual like i said, the community role at Hack Club would be an excellent fit for you!
  24. …in reply to @ormanclark
    @ormanclark figma for sure,, sveltekit, yeah i do most my work in figma. oh the firefox eyedropper. i'm assuming this has to do with the tools i use for designing.
  25. Hey @SouthwestAir - where can I go for $63 from @AUStinAirport ? I'd love to know!
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  26. …in reply to @flyerswitch
  27. …in reply to @parafactual
    @parafactual how do you have so much time and money to travel lol
  28. …in reply to @parafactual
    @parafactual pardon my ignorance what is cfar?